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Tie Unisex Unisex Silver Kiomi Kiomi qt8Swtr

Tie Kiomi Unisex Silver Kiomi Unisex

SN(oo)py is a python package that contains many tools for the analysis of TypeIa supernovae.  It is not a fixed altorithm for fitting lightcurves, but rather a collection of tools that are useful for building your own fitter (or fitting interactively).  SNpy has the following capabilities and tools:

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  • SNIa lightcurve template generator in the CSP passbands:  uBVgriYJHK, as well as Jose-Louis Prieto's templates for BVRI.
  • Computation of K-corrections based on Eric Hsiao's SNIa SED template or Peter Nugent's SED template, including color-matching (coming soon:  using real observed spectra).
  • Interactive plotting of light-curve data and models (and spectra).
  • LM non-linear least-squares fitting of light-curve data based on CSP or Prieto templates and their respective low-z calibrators.
  • Computation of reddening laws based on the Cardelli et al. extinction law.
  • Estimates of Milky-Way Extinction based  on the dust maps of Schlegel et al.
  • Various types of spline fitting (Diercx, hyper-spline, and tension splines).
  • Module for dealing with filters and spectra.



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