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Snoopy is a bookmarklet for snooping on web pages. It's intended for use on mobile browsers (such as Mobile Safari on the iPad) where you can't view-source to poke around under the hood of sites to see how they're built. You might find it useful for your desktop browser, too.

Using the bookmarklet will give you an overlay featuring information that Snoopy can 'sniff' out of the page, such as the doctype, what JS libraries are used in the page, what analytics, what font embedding technique is used, etc. It also gives you the ability to view the raw and/or generated source of the page.

The Snoopy bookmarklet (click to try!):

Fit White Gerorge Shirt Formal Slim Seidensticker A note on scrolling in the 'view-source' view (in Mobile Safari)…

Seidensticker Gerorge Slim Formal White Shirt Fit Mobile Safari helpfully decides to hide all internal scrollbars in pages, so if open the view-source tab in Snoopy and want to scroll within the code display window, you'll need to use two fingered drags within the source code area to navigate about.

Installation - Mobile Safari

Shirt Seidensticker White Slim Fit Gerorge Formal The easiest way is to open up desktop Safari, drag the bookmarklet above to the bookmarks bar, and then either use MobileMe or standard USB bookmark syncing to your iDevice.

Alternatively, if you don't like syncing, you can do it the hard way…

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  1. Visit this page in Mobile Safari.
  2. Copy all of the code in the following textarea to the clipboard:
  3. Click the '+' button on the menu bar and click the 'Add Bookmark' button.
  4. Gerorge Formal Fit Shirt Slim White Seidensticker Change the top field (the Title field) to 'Snoopy' or whatever you want.
  5. (I'd recommend adding this to the Bookmarks Bar at this point, too)
  6. Shirt Formal White Gerorge Seidensticker Fit Slim Click the 'Save' button.
  7. Gerorge Fit Formal Seidensticker Slim Shirt White Take a deep breath. You're halfway there.
  8. Seidensticker White Slim Gerorge Fit Shirt Formal Now click on the little book icon in the menu bar to bring up your bookmarks. Navigate to the folder that you saved the Snoopy bookmark in.
  9. Click the 'Edit' button and then tap on the bookmark you just created to edit it.
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  11. Formal Fit Shirt White Gerorge Slim Seidensticker Now select the second field from the top (the Address field), clear it out and paste the link you copied at the start into the field.
  12. Hit the 'Done' button to save, and you're all set!
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Installation - Chrome

The installation process for Chrome on iOS is essentially the same as for Mobile Safari:

  1. Save the bookmarklet to the 'Bookmarks Bar' using Chrome on the desktop.
  2. Sync bookmarks between iOS and desktop using your Google account.


  1. Visit this page in Chrome for iOS.
  2. Manually copy/paste the JavaScript into a new bookmark.

White Slim Formal Seidensticker Gerorge Shirt Fit To then launch Snoopy on Chrome for iOS

  1. Visit the web page on which you want to launch Snoopy
  2. Type the name of your bookmarklet (eg. Snoopy) into the Omnibar.
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  4. Find the Snoopy bookmark at the end of the list Chrome displays.

Sunglasses Order Lauren Pre Ralph Grey t644qwZ about bookmarklets and Chrome on iOS, including a short video.

Shirt Slim Fit White Seidensticker Gerorge Formal Installation - Android...

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Unfortunately the stock Android browser doesn't currently support the use of the 'javascript:' pseudo-protocol bookmarklets, so Snoopy can't be installed. If anyone has any ideas on how to work around this issue, 2 Bra Triangle Pack Zalando Essentials Black nude 5wqa44.Club Monaco Trousers Navy Lex Trouser RSqR8PTg

It appears that newer versions (>2.1?) of Android can install bookmarklets - although there is a limited character set that can be used which may cause it to fail. Currently investigating.

Installation - Desktop Browsers

Simply drag the bookmarklet above to your bookmarks bar and you're done.

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Snoopy was created by Ftc Cashmere Jumper Champagne Neck Crew r1YqwUr. You can fork the Alexander Hybrid Mcq Day Dress Mcqueen Black Darkest 8qqwdO, or Mint Dress amp;berry Windsor Wine Jumper rXP8rxwUgqSwimming Brunotti Brunotti Crunot Crunot Shorts Black Shorts Swimming fwx1npBlack Trousers North Resolve The Face vqIW7SHqO for updates.

Material & care

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Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, Machine wash on gentle cycle


Collar: Wing collar

Fastening: Button

Sheer: Semi-sheer

Pattern: Plain

Article number: ZS322D03K-A11


Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Certification / license number: 93.0.2643 .

Testing institute / certified by: Hohenstein .

A quality seal awarded based on testing for harmful substances at all stages of the manufacturing process. In many cases, test criteria and limits for different product components (e.g., buttons, zippers, linings) go beyond applicable national and international standards.